November update- Atlanta Cat Café

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Hi friends! Everyone by now should have received their rewards. Please message me if you did not! Unless, you are one of the ones I need to order a unisex size shirt for or a customized shirt…I’m still working on those!

Construction is in the beginning phases and we are awaiting more permits. This has been a super lengthy and stressful process dealing with the city, but I will feel much better in a few weeks when I can actually SEE the progress!

I am hoping to be open by late December early January. This date is tentative and that completely relies on the city to approve everything. Which, they keep throwing hurdles we have to jump through….I already had several department approvals before I even launched the Kickstarter, but there are a few we are STILL waiting on.

In the meantime, I am being trained as a manager at Ebrik (my coffee partner). I am loving it and everyday that I am there makes me more excited about what the future holds! I can’t open a coffee shop and not know how to make a great cup of coffee now can I?!

Thank you for your patience and please be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook: & @javacatscafe

I update almost daily!

Thanks for your support friends and stay tuned! As always, tell all of your friends about Java Cats!!


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